Weird technology…

March 22, 2013

  As i was doing my usual search and browsing for various stuffs in the world wide web something caught my attention as there were photographs of some of the wierdest invention ideas I am fascinated instantly with some of the invention ideas so i thought of sharing a few with you

Top 7 viral videos

March 16, 2013

1.Smart window technology at its best 2.Funny viral job advertisement 3.Crushing double Knock out 4.Earphones that makes you bounce 5.Save electricity funny campaign 6.Baby doing pull ups 7.Animals that make you laugh     Thanks Youtube  

Humorous usage of english

March 14, 2013

Principal to student…” I saw u yesterday rotating near girl’s hostel pulling cigerette…? ” Class teacher once said : “Pick up the paper and fall in the dustbin!!!” once hindi teacher said….”i’m going out of the world to america..” “..DON’T TRY TO TALK IN FRONT OF MY BACK…” Dont…Laugh at the back benches…otherwise teeth and […]