By adhi, August 16, 2013

It comes as a surprise when Bing beat Google in building a disavow link tool for its Webmaster Tools first. In fact, it was Google which had first announced that it was going to build a ‘disavow link’ in its Webmaster Tools and won applause by the SEO community. Bing beat Google black and blue.


Webmasters for quite some time now have been annoyed by the fact that a lot of unnecessary incoming links that point to their website. The whole process is very simple. Look out for links that are unnatural or inappropriate and is pointing to your site. These links are probably from a low quality site. All that one has to do is notify Bing via it’s disavow tool and voila! ALL IS WELL!

How do you do it?

Log into Bing Webmaster Tools > Click a site > Navigate to configure site > Disavow links.

Choose page, directory or domain > Type URL > Click Disavow.

Can it get any more simple!

      TIME TO QUESTION IT!      

Q: Is there a change in rankings by using this tool?

A: Not really, there is not much change in the ranking. However, it helps Bing understand your intent around links pointing to your site.

Q: Is there a limit to the number of links one can disavow?

A: Nope. One can disavow as many as one wants. There is no limit.

Q: Do these unnecessary links harm us in any way?

A: No again. They don’t. Often links such as these are less relevant to the organic page and we should have the right to treat them that way. Basically, Webmasters want more control and want to say “no” to links that randomly point to their website.

Q: Are there any inconvenience in using this tool?

A: So far there haven’t been complaints in the use of this tool given the fact that the process is as simple as it can get. However, one problem users have noticed is that each link has to be individually typed in the Webmaster Tool. There is no option to see the links that point to your site and simply check each one instead of typing the whole link as it ends up to be time consuming. On the other hand, this is not seen as a big flaw and can easily be ignored.


The disavow tool would definitely prove to be a very useful tool in the virtual world. Sure, a lot of people would have preferred Google to come out with this first given the amount of users it prizes. In fact, more people would use it on Google. However, it is safe to say that Bingers need not worry.

Finally, I would like to end this article by quoting Bing’s Duane Forrester.

“It’s very important folks, to keep an eye on the bigger picture. Everything is about signals and balance. This new disavow tool, like all the rest of Bing’s Webmaster Tools, helps Bing to understand a webmaster’s intent around its site, and its links.”

What do you think?

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