June 13, 2013

Tweet Pin It In 2007, Google announced that negative SEO exists but is difficult. Looks like many took that as a challenge. What seemed “alien”-ish seems very much real right now. What is SEO? –          It is the act of optimizing one’s website such that it attains better search rankings. It simply, aims to increase […]

Sizzling SEO

June 13, 2013

Tweet Pin It Why SEO is a must? As an enterpreneur, say you give all the necessary information in your website that are most sought after by your target sector, but how do you bring in the targeted traffic to your website in response to the information published in it? Everything is instant in this […]


June 13, 2013

Tweet Pin It In this age of technological progress, the word “research” automatically indicates “internet research”. This is nothing but conducting research or analysis or study on a particular topic using internet as a tool. There exist many challenges even in this all-so-simple-looking aspect. The reality: A lot of people use the internet and a […]


June 13, 2013

Tweet Pin It What is it? The newest yet amazingly innovative update from Google is set to arrive in a few days. Launched in a beta version, it has already set tongues wagging. What is it?? Well, it is the new tabbed sitelinks. For those of you who may remember Google Squared when you think […]

Is a website a necessity for a business?

May 27, 2013

Tweet Pin It Well the answer is an obvious “Yes” To anticipate, your next question would be “Why to have a website?” The answer is being in a digital age, every business has stopped vending in the streets. The companies have started to vend their businesses in the World Wide Web. To put up your […]



May 25, 2013

Tweet Pin It Search Engine Marketing/Pay per click is the driving mantra for online marketing andevery other person is into it. More than the traditional form of advertising,the targeted traffic can be hit easilythrough the PPC method of advertising, which are the sponsored links that show up when a web search is performed in Google, Yahoo […]

Ruling social media

May 24, 2013

Tweet Pin It Online marketing jargons SEO, SME, and PPC – are these acronyms overpowering! Yes when you are in this digital era with internet marketing at its peak, as an enterpreneur who is supposed to systematize and administer an enterprise, mainly a trade, or a business habitually with substantial ingenuity and jeopardy, it gets […]


May 22, 2013

Tweet Pin It It is a fact, that almost all marketers are linked to social media. A recent study in 2012 placed the percentage of marketers in social media to 90% and that is needless to say, an overwhelming number. And ofcourse, this number is ever increasing given the hype for social media marketing and the […]